Custom telescopic bollards

As a manufacturer of bollards can manufacture all kinds of designs according to customer needs, choosing plate thickness, size and shape of these.

We manufacture all types of fixed bollards, removable, retractable «shrink» semiautomatic and automatic retractable adapting to customer needs and use that will be used the bollard.

The bollards have different uses for that reason we advise you to tell us to use or need the bollards.

In the case of retractable bollards are the most common uses:

Retractable bollards (automatic or semiautomatic) for public or urban environments: bollards are generally used in urban and road traffic control of vehicles and pedestrians, town centers, pedestrian areas, dedicated lanes for public services, markets, plazas, public car parks…

Retractable bollards (automatic or semiautomatic) collective environments: they are generally used bollards for car parks, corporations, communities, hotels, malls, hospitals…

High Security Bollards (automatic or semiautomatic) for public or private environments (better known as bollards anti-landing), banks, jewelers, embassies, police departments, military bases.

The retractable bollards can protect, define and control public and private environments.

Because we manufacture our bollards manufacturers with all possible options of engines.

– Hydraulic automatic retractable bollards
– Pneumatic automatic retractable bollards
– Automatic retractable bollards electromechanical

For any special design please contact us.

Custom telescopic bollards