Automatic telescopic bollards

As manufacturers and installers of automatic retractable bollards, have a wide range of bollards covering all the needs of our customers.

The automatic retractable bollards are designed for access control in public and private openings requiring daily, thus regulating vehicular traffic in pedestrian areas and urban historic centers, we also provide security antialunizaje (terrorism) in embassies , banks, police, airports, jewelry stores, shops …

The automatic retractable bollards are ideal for installations requiring all openings daily

As manufacturers have a wide range of automatic bollards (see standard sizes), but we adapt our bollards to customer needs, bollards manufactured in different sizes, diameters, thicknesses, finishes and custom designs. This versatility in our manufacturing has allowed us to build pylons as recognized furniture companies both domestically and internationally.


– Electro-pneumatic motorization.
– Electro-Hydraulic Motors.
– Electro-Mechanical Engine.

Automatic telescopic bollards