Telescopic bollards

telescopic bollards We manufacture a wide range of automatic retractable bollards and semi-automatic retractable bollards. We have a wide range of models of retractable bollards can choose materials (iron, stainless steel, polypropylene, cast …), finishing, milling, LED light crowns, logos, security keys…

The bollards have different uses for that reason we advise you to tell us to use or need the bollards.

The retractable bollards can protect, define and control public and private environments.

– Public: traffic control of vehicles and pedestrians, town centers, pedestrian areas, dedicated lanes for public services, markets, plazas, public parking…

– Private: parking lots, businesses, communities, industrial areas, banks, embassies, police headquarters, jewelry stores, military bases, shopping centers…

On request we can manufacture semiautomatic and automatic bollards according to customer needs, adapting to all kinds of designs, sizes and thicknesses that the customer needs.

telescopic bollards telescopic bollards telescopic bollards


Automatic telescopic bollards

automatic telescopic bollar The automatic retractable bollard down on the ground in less than 3 seconds (depending on model and height adjustable) and can direct the bollard with remote controls, proximity cards, Tags, keypads, time controls… Leaving the way open and going after the passage of the vehicle. The bollard system is of great ease of use and its applications are many. Bollards to control access to a private development of an enterprise of a street, or meet the needs of cities in centralized technical management of a remote area.



Semiautomatic telescopic bollards

semiautomatic telescopic bollard The semi-automatic retractable bollards are recommended for those places where the passage of vehicles less than 50 vehicles per day, bollards easily operated by a key that unlocks the lock, the lock unlocked once the bollard automatically rises by a gas piston.

Bollard recommended for those that do not require many openings per day, ideal for protection against vandalism.





Manual telescopic bollards

manual telescopic bollards The manual retractable bollards are recommended for those places where the passage of vehicles less than 50 vehicles per day, with a key lock is unlocked, unlocked once the bollard has been going up or down manually.

Bollards recommended for those that do not require many openings per day, ideal for protection against vandalism.




Polymer retractable bollards

telescopic bollards Retractable bollards polymer built with a new polymeric material with reinforcing nano particles, which provide high strength and flexibility in case of impact.
With this material we can offer a variety of finishes and textures such as faux stainless steel, Corten steel, stone, granite…




Custom telescopic bollards

custom telescopic bollards Automatic or semi-automatic retractable bollards constructed of iron, stainless steel or weathering steel according client design.

House production of sheet thicknesses can choose bollards, size and shape of these.




Gradient telescopic bollards

gradient telescopic bollard
Retractable bollards as slope gradients or slope of the street. We are manufacturers and we can tailor the bollard according to the slope





Led crowd for bollards

led crowd for bollards Led crowd light, ideal for those places that the client needs a highly decorative bollard, the crown can change intensity and color (red, green, orange, blue, white, purple …) as requested by client program (eg changes color every 10 minutes) can combine with a crown fixed bollards and automatic, this visual and decorative effects that promote the safety and design of the surroundings where they are installed.




Personalized logo

personalized logo bollards As manufacturers we can customize all our bollards (retractable semi-automatic, automatic, folding, removable, fixed) with the shield, logo or text required by the customer.




Access control post

access control post Access control post built in lacquered iron furnace standard gray (other colors available) or stainless steel.

Several models to choose from with customization of open systems and lights as required customer information.






Access control centralisation

access control centralization Access control can control different bollards centralizing all management of these from a single application. Each bollard control may include various devices such as cameras, license plate readers, proximity readers or radio and Intercom systems.

This software allows us to control each of the centralized in a single access point. Avoiding redundancy data and repeating the creation of profiles for each control point.