Zeus bollard

Zeus bollard Zeus bollard iron railings built 50×10 mm curved on top. Total height 1000 mm. Decorative bollard ideal for narrow sidewalks and steps. Low expression to improve public space and environment.

Standard finishes:

– Oxiron black – Ref PZEUSN
– Oxiron gray – Ref PZEUSG
– Imitation cut – Ref PZEUSC
– Stainless steel – Ref PZEUSI


– Ring for strings.
– Other colors on request.

Width: 73 mm.
Height: 1000 mm.


1 ring for bollard – Ref S1AP
2 rings for bollard – Ref S2AP
Ø 7.5 mm galvanized chain. – Ref CD08012260
Brass Padlock 60 mm. steel arch – Ref CNMCAD60

Zeus bollard