Trench cover

Pasarela salva zanjas Gateway ideal plastic saves ditches to plug holes temporarily in the works, allowing the passage of vehicles and pedestrians.

– Easy assembly and transport due to its low weight.
– Does not rust.
– Installation of modular parts.
– Avoid noise to passing vehicles and pedestrians.
– Base reinforced with steel to allow passage of vehicles up to 5 tons (depending on model).
– Non-slip floor.

Two sizes to choose from:

– Length: 2000 mm.
– Width: 600 mm.
– Thickness: 50 mm.
– Weight: 35 kg.
Ref. SZAM01

– Length: 1400 mm.
– Width: 800 mm.
– Thickness: 50 mm.
– Weight: 20 kg.
Ref. SZAM02

Plastic trench cover Plastic trench cover
trench cover trench cover