Traffic cones

traffic cones Beacon road cones ideal for signaling traffic and construction. Cone beacon of flexibility that can withstand impacts. Great reflectance in adverse weather conditions.

Two models of cones to choose from:

– Cone Everest model.
– Cone Aneto model.


Everest road cone rubber base pe +

– Signalling road cones constructed in two parts (base, rubber and plastic body PE)

Height: 500 mm.
Base: 300×300 mm.
Weight: 2 kg.
Color: orange or blue
Ref. CPBC01
Traffic cones large
Height: 750 mm.
Base: 380×380 mm.
Weight: 3 kg.
Color: Orange
Ref. CPBC02
Traffic cones



Pvc road cone dill

– Signalling road cones in a body constructed of PVC

Height: 450 mm.
Base: 280×280 mm.
Weight: 1.3 kg.
Color: Orange
Ref. CPO1
Traffic cones Large
Height: 700 mm.
Base: 360×360 mm.
Weight: 2.5 kg.
Color: Orange
Ref. CP02
Traffic cones