Access control centralization

Access control centralization Access controls for urban managed by automatic bollards.

Access control can control several bollards centralizing all management of these from an application. Each bollard control may include various devices such as cameras, license plate readers, proximity readers or radiro and Intercom systems. This software allows us to control each of the centralized in a single access point. Avoiding redundancy data and repeating the creation of profiles for each control point.

– Access Control: Able to monitor and record user access through any device such as cards, tags, command. The operation as is both local and on-line, if there is no connection between the access control system and the server where you installed the software will continue to operate autonomously in local mode to reconnect to the server.

– Recognition of tuition: The system allows us to manage the users you assign the license plates of their vehicles, the control automatically assigns enrollment introduced to license plate recognition systems located at the control points.

– Perimeter Surveillance Camera: You can manage a multitude of cameras as required for installation, and can display any of the control points in real time.

– Intercom and personal vision camera: The Intercom communication via TCP / IP that allows communication between each of the checkpoints and the control center where it is installed access control. The Intercom sitema camera makes a personal view of the person you are calling.

– Monitoring of the closure device: Each control point will have a PLC that indicates the state of the bollard. At all times we can view the status of each point, knowing if it is open, closed, moving … We may also know if you are in error state to proceed to review the operation.

Access control to create user groups by assigning them to schedule the control points may be different for each day of the week and even can add a different time for the holidays.

We create watches weekly open or lock the bollards. These watches can apply the hours of loading and unloading or automatic locking bollard for example in local fairs held on the weekends.