Solar garden road studs

Solar garden road studs Beacons solar outdoor gardens and parks ideal signaling system for roads, gardens, parks …

Beacons operating outdoor solar LED light intensity by more than 10,000 millicandelas.


• Housing unit: Polycarbonate
• Protective material engineered plastic Luran
• Energy: Photovoltaics
• Light source: LED high intensity
• Visibility: Uni, Bi and omnidirectional
• Resistance to impact, ultraviolet light, salinity, corrosion, high and low temperatures.
• Autonomy without solar energy: 15 days continuous operation.
• Anchor System: Robust, efficient and safe, built with anti-theft system.
• beacons synchronized up to 16 wireless units, maximum distance between the marks of 100 m radius.

Warning lights high performance solar light, friendly environment.

Height: 220 mm.
Width: 230 mm.
Weight: 2 kg.