City light bollard

City light bollard Reinforced City bollard low-power LEDs, constructed in one piece avoiding breakage of the bollard upper part, by its two lateral iron reinforcements located just above the stainless steel ring.
Bollards are ideal for street lighting, signaling danger zones (low visibility curves, not walk, …) or as a decorative element in the cities. They can be easily combined with other city models reinforced bollards. With LED lighting system is achieved by a variety of colors: the possibility of steady or flashing light.

– Oxiron – Ref PCITYL
– Cut – Ref PCITYCL


– Custom logo.
– Reflective tape.
– Ring for strings.
– Other colors on request.

Diameter: 108 mm.
Height: 800 mm.


– Plate for bollard ø 100 – Ref SUPP
– 1 ring for bollard – Ref S1AP
– 2 rings for bollard – Ref S2AP
– Ø 7.5 mm galvanized chain. – Ref CD08012260
– 60 mm brass padlock. steel arch – Ref CNMCAD60

City light bollard