Urban bollard horizontal leds

pilona urban leds horizontales Urban bollard light with low power LED built in lacquered iron pipe Oxiron baked color, the top is made of stainless steel.
It offers a great lighting on public roads with very low electrical cost.

Ideal for illuminating paths, pedestrian areas, gardens, entrances, parks…

Oxiron – Ref PURBANNLHB (white LED)
Imitation cut – Ref PURBANICLHB (white LED)

Diameter: 150 mm.
Height: 1000 mm.
Thickness: 3 mm.


– Ring for strings.
– Custom logo.
– Other LED colors on request (blue, green, amber, …)
– Other colors and finishes available upon request.


– Plate for bollard ø 100 – Ref SUPP
– 1 ring for bollard – Ref S1AP
– 2 rings for bollard – Ref S2AP
– Ø 7.5 mm galvanized chain. – Ref CD08012260
– 60 mm brass padlock. steel arch – Ref CNMCAD60

pilona leds horizontales