City bollard

City bollard The bollard enhanced city model replaces the bollard Hospitalet or Barcelona, the pylon is constructed enhanced city in one piece avoiding breakage of the bollard upper part, by its two lateral reinforcement iron. located just above the ring of stainless steel.

Our bollard City has been created at the request of local authorities to solve the problem of the break up of the towers with stainless steel ring that can harm pedestrians, damage the image of the city and the places where they are installed.

In this way we have created our bollard CITY REINFORCED model in one piece.

City bollard City bollard


– Bollards built with galvanized iron pipe inside and outside anti-rust.
– Top with rounded edges to avoid possible damage to people.
– Surface treatment anti-posters / stickers.
– Galvanized iron pipe diameter 95 mm.
– Overall height 1000 mm. Upper ring 40 mm.
– Standard finish in black or imitation Oxiron cut.


– Welded plate with holes for four metal studs.
– Customizing logo.
– Reflective tape.
– Ring for strings.
– Other colors (to RAL).


– Bollard plate ø 100 – Ref. SUPP
– 1 ring for bollard – Ref. S1AP
– 2 rings for bollard – Ref. S2AP
– Ø 7.5 mm galvanized chain. – Ref. CD08012260
– 60 mm brass padlock. steel arch – Ref. CNMCAD60