Convex mirrors

Convex and parabolic mirrors ideal for dangerous crossings, parking exits, blind spots, schools, hospitals, communities, stores, supermarkets offering road traffic safety and prevention in the workplace.

Parabolic mirrors are made of a mirror methacrylate (acrilmir) offering excellent optical and excellent resistance to shock and aging.

Parabolic mirrors lightweight and weatherproof, completely avoiding the corrosion problems and providing optimal thermal and mechanical resistance.

Two models of convex mirrors to choose according to indoor or outdoor use:

Convex mirror inside:

Convex mirror inside Convex mirrors for indoor use constructed of acrylic material, provided with an easily installed attachment. Ideal for shops, supermarkets and other places where they should discreetly ensure safety and prevention.

Diameter 400 mm – Ref: ESPI45
Diameter 600 mm – Ref: ESPI60

Convex mirrors


Convex mirrors Outside convex mirror:

Outdoor Convex Mirrors Ø 600 or 800 mm, built with red polypropylene frame with a PVC gasket forming a homogeneous whole. Mounting for round post.

Diameter 600 mm – Ref: ESPE60
Diameter 800 mm – Ref: ESPE80

convex mirrors